The Big First Day

The Fiend’s first day of kindergarten was today.  It was so… anticlimactic.

She was ready to go wait at the bus stop, at 7 am.  I had to keep explaining no you are not going to miss the bus, it won’t be here for an hour and a half.  Five minutes later she would ask again.

I finally let her go outside at quarter of eight.  She was so antsy.  I took a ton of pictures while we waited for Babydaddy to arrive.  Then we walked down to the bus stop at the end of the street.  And we waited.  And waited. And waited.

Bayou started baying in the house because she could see us but couldn’t get to us.  So I went back to the house and brought her down.  She jumped all around and chewed on her leash and generally behaved in the incredibly goofy way that she does.

The girl from across the street came down and she and The Fiend began talking about school and playing with each others’ hair.  And we all waited.

The girl from across the street’s mom came down to meet us.  And we continued to wait.

Eventually the bus arrived and The Fiend lined up to get on.  She was ready. It was as if she’d been waiting her whole life for this moment. She couldn’t wait. I had to practically wrestle her to the ground for a goodbye kiss.  She pushed me away, wiping my kiss off her face as she sprung up the steps and was led to her seat.  I stood beside her window and waved.  She completely ignored me.  I stood there trying to get her attention.  I was feeling progressively more moronic with each passing second.  The bus pulled away.  The Fiend had never looked back.


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