The Machinations of the Human Heart

 The heart is a fickle thing, prone to fits of passion.  It does not respond well to logic or reason.  It has no use for accountability or consequences.  It is an organ which does not play nicely with the other organs, especially the brain.


The heart will forge on blindly even though all indications point toward liberally applying the brakes.  When it seems as though the smartest thing to do would be to walk away before you are hurt, the heart plants it’s feet and refuses to budge.  In situations which are clearly best left alone, the heart pushes pokes and prods.


The heart is a tender thing, a wellspring of great joy and contentment.  It is the source of the sweetness of new love.  It is the keeper of acceptance and peace.  It is an organ awash in optimism.


The heart will burn hotly for a person deemed worthy.  When it seems as though feelings could not be greater, the heart floods it’s unsuspecting owner with a wave of emotion that knocks her off her feet.  It fills the spirit to overflowing and doesn’t stop there.


The heart is an impractical thing, oblivious to the requirements of day to day existence.  It does not keep to a schedule.  It does not consider other issues when it decides to throw its weight around.  And it is a weighty organ.


The heart will cause incredible torment or dizzying happiness with no regard for your work schedule.  When there is a task at hand it willfully downplays the importance of anything but its own agenda.  It is the cause of lack of focus and debilitating distraction.


The heart is a fierce thing, able to withstand incredible strain.  It is deceptively strong and resilient.  It can carry far more than it seems it should.  It is the organ upon which all else depends.


The heart will reach to point of breaking and continue on.  When all seems dark and without hope it finds the flicker of light and cleaves to it.  It carries its owner through the despair associated with loss, the rush of excitement and the satisfaction of love.  All without complaint or condemnation.  With the glorious momentum of divine purpose.  Without fear.  With great love.  


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