Simple Pleasures

Last night The Fiend and I went to see a theater group I am involved with perform at a fundraiser for a social service agency.  The theme was victory over violence.  Audience members shared touching stories and the performers interpreted them so beautifully.


The Fiend was so well behaved.  Her reward was getting to dance her little heart to the great reggae band that played later on that evening.  That was my reward too.


We had a great night watching the performance, spending time with lovely people and dancing to great music.  The Fiend and I drove how basking in the contented glow of an evening well spent.  It struck me how simple it had been to make us both so happy.  Good theater, good music, good company. 


The pursuit of happiness, or at least my pursuit of happiness, often gets muddied by lofty expectations.  It is a challenge to realize that happiness is in the moment, not in the future.  Every moment that spent wishing for happiness in the future is a moment where happiness is lost. 


Happiness does not cost anything.  It does not exist in things or places.  It exists inside each of us.  It is when we let go and live in the moment that we find it. 


2 responses

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  2. Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder to be in the moment and appreciate the myriad ways we can find joy each day. Why is that so hard? I don’t know, but I will try to remember that more today.

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