The Art of Being Alone

To truly appreciate time to oneself there are some fundamental requirements.  The first and most crucial element is clothes you are comfortable in.  It varies from person to person.  There is no judgment here, whatever works for you.  For me its flannel sock monkey pajamas all the way.


The next element critical to spending time alone is good food and drink.  This too may vary from person to person. In fact you may find it varies from situation to situation.  One night a stiff drink might be all that’s required.  Another night a steaming mug of cocoa and a big bowl of popcorn may be just the thing.  Last night I enjoyed a cup of cinnamon apple tea which was completely gratifying.


The third piece of the solitaire puzzle is a source of solo entertainment.  Reading, watching a movie, or listening to music are all excellent examples of such activities.  Preferably your pastime of choice allows you to snuggle under a blanket or curl up in a comfy spot.


Some optional accoutrements of a skillfully crafted evening of solitude are a crackling fire, non human companions to snuggle with (fish don’t work well for this) and a heating pad to warm tired muscles.  An excellent evening alone can be had without these things.  But according to your own tastes, incorporating one or several of these things may heighten the experience.


Once you have gathered all these elements together it is time to kick back and breathe a sigh of utter contentment.  Revel in the peace and quiet.  Let go of deadlines, responsibilities and commitments.  Hush the self deprecating voice in the back of your head who would like to berate you for not doing the laundry or sweeping the kitchen.  Pull the blanket over yourself, cuddle with something soft, strike a cozy pose and enjoy.


One response

  1. Sigh, that sounds wonderful. When can I plan a time for this myself? 🙂 I like to have the wood stove going. I also like to spend time alone in nature, preferably in the mountains or at the beach. I have different requirements at different times. Sometimes I want to be home alone, and other times I want to get out to a cafe or bookstore or a hike. It just depends. I also like to write in my journal and read a good book.

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