Small Gifts

There are moments in life that are so wonderful you can’t help but laugh at the overflow of happiness they invoke.  There are others that fill you with a deep sense of contentment.  And there are still others that are so beautiful you are afraid to move or even breathe for fear of shattering the magic.

The first real snow of the season.

A dog being beside itself with excitement to see you when you get home.

Breakfast with true friends.

Dancing until your feet hurt, you’re covered with sweat and you are completely exhausted.  And then dancing some more.

Finishing a really good book.

Giving a great gift.

Feeling truly appreciated.

Doing something well.

The excitement of seeing someone you’ve really missed.

A small, sleeping child cupping your face in her warm hand, sighing contentedly to discover you are there.

Waking up in the arms of someone you love so much it hurts.

Your most precious girl telling you that you are the best mom and she loves you more than anyone.


I’ve had a really hard week.  I’m feeling let down, knocked around, held back and strung along.  I’ve been in the office for exactly 12 hours.  I’m going home to a cold, empty house. 

But I have these things.  These small gifts are the things which allow me to get through the rough times.  And when I have good days where wonderful things happen, I will do my best to make them great.


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