The Machinations of the Human Heart Part 2

The heart is much stronger than we give it credit for.  It is capable of bearing incredibly heavy burdens and suffering shattering blows.  And through it all it retains then ability to love, even those responsible.  It has no use for anger or hatred.  It is an organ which perseveres.


The heart will forgive you when you push it to its limits.  When you have gone too far or given too much, it hurts for a while and then it heals.  In situations where it should give up on you, it stands firm.


The heart is a miraculous thing, for it is the source of joy and hope and love.  It should not be lightly given, nor should it be ignored.  It should remain open.  The greatest gift we can give one another is an open heart.


I have been afraid to be that open or give that much for such a long time.  That fear has darkened things meant to be light, saddened things meant to be happy and complicated things meant to be simple.  The world provides a plethora of reasons to doubt love and fear vulnerability.  The true challenge is not to succumb to the desire to withdraw.  Strength lies in believing even though you may not have a reason to believe.


In this blossoming year I am making a promise to myself to be the open, trusting and giving person I know myself to be.  I am promising to let go of fear.  I am promising to open myself to those around me.  I am promising to believe in love.


3 responses

  1. Good for you! I have found being open and trusting and vulnerable to be one of the hardest things I have had to work on in my relationships. But I am also finding this time to be one of the most rewarding. Blossom!

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