thankful for crockpots

when i get home tonight dinner will be waiting for me.


some nights this is because i have a wonderful manfriend who knows his way around a kitchen.


but tonight it’s all about the crockpot.


this morning i lovingly filled the crockpot with turkey stock, veggies and seasonings.  i turned it to low and walked out the door.


when i get home i will be greeted with the heavenly smells of turkey soup.  ready and waiting just for me.  well for me and the fiend and tr.

man do i love my crockpot.


One response

  1. if by “man friend” you mean good old TR, then I’m going to have to interject- the dude is TERRIFYING in a kitchen. He tried to convince me that tuna fish was a suitable addition to any camping meal. I respect the protein push, but that’s just nasty! Also: teddy grahams are not a complete breakfast. Sorry dude.
    (Your turkey soup, however, sounds great.)

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