Some Differences Between Men and Women (At Least In My House)

Dealing with Burnout:

Man: “Hey, I’m going to go off by myself for a little while.  I’ll be back later.”


Woman: Attempts to clean house, bake cake, play with the kid(s), spend quality time with Man, complete grocery shopping, make dinner, deal with recycling, answer work emails, do homework and take the dog for a walk.  When the burnout doesn’t magically disappear, has surprise meltdown which leaves Man confused. Gets more upset because Man “just doesn’t understand”.


Doing the Dishes:

Man: Reads, watches tv, takes a nap, goes to gym, goes to bed, gets up the next morning, notices dishes are still there, does dishes.



Woman: Insists dishes must be done before anything else.  Then insists on washing each dish as it’s created so they don’t pile up.  Wastes seven gallons of water washing individual dishes. Gets annoyed when Man suggests leaving them until later.


Asking for Help:

Man:  “Hey, can you give me a hand with ___?”


Woman: Expects other people in the house to know what she needs help with.  Gets mad when they don’t psychically understand what she needs help with.  Sighs. Rolls eyes. Gets increasingly frustrated. Blows up at whoever is unfortunate enough to be handy about how he/she/it should know that ___ needed to be done.


Serving Dinner:

Man: “Hey, dinner’s ready when you are.”


Woman:  “Dinner’s ready.” (Silence) “Dinner’s ready.” (Silence) “Dinner’s ready.” (Silence) (Exasperated Sigh) “Dinner’s ready!” (Silence) (Very Loudly) “DINNER’S READY!” (Slams Objects in Frustration)



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  1. Hello. This post was extremely interesting, particularly since I was searching for thoughts on this matter last Wednesday.

    Source Unknown – “He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead”

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