The Thing About Plans

The morning started with a plan. But some things are more important than plans. So plans changed a little, pleasantly so.

The plans changed again because they weren’t well researched. But the new plans included a good walk so that was ok.


It was sprinkling at the start and it was cool and refreshing. It made the world soft.


Then the rain got harder. And then harder still. My clothes got wet, but my face felt clean and I drank the rain. I made it to the bus stop, drenched but happy.


I meet a bunch of exuberant kids on a rainy scavenger hunt.


I worked all day with a bright, funny, engaging lady. The conversation was brilliant and the day flew by.

I left to get the Fiend and had an unplanned beach afternoon with a gaggle of great kids and two great moms.

The thing about plans is the best ones are always subject to change. In fact, the best plans welcome it.


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